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Are your products returnable? Products are returnable for 30 days. Some conditions may apply. We do require that you first contact us so we know something is being returned.   Unfortunately we no longer refund your original shipping and handling fee with any return or refund that has been shipped.  


What is your return address?  
Latter Day Brands
9983 N 4680 W
Cedar Hills, UT 84062


Can I make purchases at your business office?  Normally that is not possible unless it has been arranged in some way. The reason why is because the majority of our products are drop shipped to the customer direct from the manufacturer.


Are the products on your website the same as I would find in Deseret Book or Seagull Book? Yes, they are the same products from the same manufacturers.


Why are your products less expensive than Deseret Book and Seagull Book? We try to offer a very competitive price, often times these prices are lower than Deseret Book and Seagull Book. One reason we are able to do this is because we do not have the overhead of a store front. By selling direct to the customer online, we are able to reduce the cost and therefor pass the savings on to the customer.


What does it mean when you say my product will be drop shipped? Whenever possible, we utilize the shipping department of our vendors to ship the product direct to you.


When my product is drop shipped, does it take longer for me to receive it? Most times it does not. Your order in most cases is sent to the manufacturer within 24 hours. The manufacturer in most cases is also able to ship your order within 24 hours.



Who is Latter Day Brands? Or Why does my bank statement shows that my purchase was made to Latter Day Brands? Latter Day Brands is the parent company of Latter Day Rings. It owns the rights to Latter Day Rings, Latter Day Statues and all other websites and business created under the same umbrella.

Do you do express shipping?  Yes we do.  However, you must call first 801-369-8460.  Other wise we may not check and place your order until the following business day.  Likewise, vendors can only ship same day express if orders are placed by a certain time. 

Do you ship internationally?  Yes we do.  However, we always verify the order due to the number of fraudulent international order we receive.   International low weight first class freight options are generally pretty reasonable.   The easiest and least expensive way to ship internationally is to ship a ring.   If you add weight to your order by purchasing statues the freight increases significantly.   We never offer any shipping discounts or free freight on international shipments.

How does FREE freight work? If free freight is being offered (It is not always offered).   It always applies to the terms specified.  If the terms are that you must purchase a certain amount.  Your cart total must be over that total pre tax and pre freight.  Then the offer will appear.  Free freight always only applies to USA orders.  It costs far too much to ship internationally.  It is not something we are capable of offering.